Facebook Infiltrator Review And Bonus – FB Infiltrator Reviews

Facebook Infiltrator Review – FB Infiltrator Bonus

FB Infiltrator is finally live!  Today FB Infiltrator went live and it is a huge hit, selling hundreds of copies in the first hour.  Why?  See the video below for more (note this video was created before the product went live)

What is FB Infiltrator?

FB Infiltrator is a Facebook app that allows you to build your list, attract new customers for local businesses, give out coupons or special discounts and so much more right on the news feed!  Since NO ONE else is doing this your posts will dramatically stand out and attract the attention on your fans and new customers alike.

The program allows you to use any of the included templates (there are hundreds of combinations to choose from) or upload your own design.  You can use different fonts, sizes, add video, and customize the text.  You will even be able to use your own auto responder to manage all the leads!

Does this Violate Facebook’s Terms of Service?

This was actually my first thought, after doing a bit of research I found out that it doesn’t.  The program uses Facebook’s own API and stays 100% compliant with their terms of service.

Which is great for you because you can leverage the trust and authority of Facebook to grow your business, generate more leads and create more sales.

How Does FB Infiltrator Work?

Without getting into a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo, FB Infiltrator is a plugin that you install on your WordPress webstie (see very easy) once it is installed you simply click on the plugin on the left had menu bar and choose your settings like color, font, background, video and auto responder code.  Click a button and you will see a live preview, if you like what you see then simply click the ‘Share’ button.  Choose what page you want to share it on, type any text you want to add and that is it you’re done!

You can do this over and over on as many of your pages or even your own profile.  Since it is so simple to use you will want to use it over and over again.

What About the FB Infiltrator Bonus?

Now you are talking, that’s why you are all here right :-)

Bonus_BlueGenerate Leads in ANY Niche for PENNIES per click

You’ve probably seen all the new courses about getting penny clicks, after reviewing a lot of them I have boiled down the best methods that are working TODAY, and I will share this secret video with you. This bonus alone combined with InBoxBluePrint will help explode your business in 2014.

Bonus_Blue_22 Special Trainings on Generating Traffic with Facebook

You will receive not just one but TWO trainings on how to generate more traffic using Facebook. The first one is a course called Auto FB Marketer Blueprint and the second is called Unstoppable Facebook Traffic.

Bonus_Blue_32 EXTRA Special Trainings on Using Fan Pages to DOMINATE Facebook

These extra juicy trainings will tell you everything you need to know on how to get the most out of Facebook fan pages. Facebook Fanpage Magic and Fanpage iFrame Domination will give you the details you need to create a rocking fan page that grows your business!
Bonus1Bonus2Bonus 3Bonus 4

All of this is INCLUDED when you purchase FB Infiltrator, so Click the Button Below and Get Started Today!


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